In Memoriam

It has often been said that collector car enthusiasts gravitate to models that were current during their adolescence.  The last production model of the Porsche 356 left the assembly line in 1965, over 50 years ago.  It is obvious that our club members have aged with the cars we cherish, and a lot of us are looking at, or are in, our retirement years.  With age comes the inevitable passing of friends and others close to us, and our club is no exception.  In 2008 we lost members for the first time since the club was founded nearly eight years earlier.

It was time to begin a tradition of remembrance.  Rather than put a memorial on this web site for a short interval when a member has died, we decided to make the memorials permanent and accessible via the links on this page.  Please join us in remembering the good friends and colleagues we have lost: