Clothing and accessories for sale bearing the Midwest 356 Club logo

In years past, the Midwest 356 Club has offered for sale a line of clothing items bearing our club logo.  We ordered these items in bulk and kept them in inventory.  This necessarily led to a limited selection of styles, colors, and sizes.

We are happy to announce that we now have an arrangement with Lands' End that allows you to order any of a wide variety of items from their catalog with our club logo custom embroidered on it. You can choose the thread color of the embroidery and, for many items, the location on the garment where the logo is to be placed.

To visit the Midwest 356 Club Store at Lands' End, go to .  This store is just like any other online clothing store, with the exception that after you choose the color, size and quantity of an item you wish to purchase you have the option to apply the club logo to it.  Also, at the bottom of every page in the store there is a link to "MIDWEST 356 - ORDERING TUTORIAL AND TIPS", where you will find help in using the store.

The logo we have supplied to Lands' End is a new one designed just for this purpose by our very own Wally Wright.  The illustrations below are just the beginning of the color combinations you will be able to choose from.

The "standard" colors
Matched to the fabric
Custom selected

Happy shopping!