Midwest 356 Club

Welcome, Porsche 356 Enthusiasts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin!

What's New?

  • Photos from the May 21 visit to the Air Classics Museum of Aviation are now up here.
  • We have an entirely new Goody Store at Lands' End, where you can order from a huge variety of clothing items bearing the Midwest 356 logo.

Reminders (see details)

  • August 23-27 Porsche 356 Registry Holiday in the Heartland, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Our club will have a caravan along a scenic route to Cedar Rapids, departing from Rockford, IL at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, August 23.
  • September 10: Sheridan Road drive to Kenosha for Sunday brunch and to Racine for Frank Lloyd Wright tour.