Report news about a member to the Club

The newest 356s are now over fifty years old, and we, the youngsters who admired them when they were new, are aging as well and increasingly encountering the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.  It is not surprising, then, that we have learned that some members of our club, or their spouses, have endured illnesses and hospital stays in recent months.  This news has circulated by word of mouth, and in a club like ours where members get together relatively infrequently, that can take a long time.  Because the Club would like to respond with a message of support when one of us has a health problem, Bonnie Yanahan has graciously offered to be the liaison person who will send our members and/or spouses a get-well card on behalf of the Club.

If you know a Club member who is going through a rough spot and could use a message of support from the Club, please let Bonnie know about it with a phone call or an email to