Howard and Margaret Yefsky's annual party, August 2007

Once each year, Howard and Margaret Yefsky throw a nice party and invite the gang to park their cars on their lawn.

For the first few years the appointed day was plagued by rain or unseasonably cold weather, but in 2007 a light rain ended just as the cars arrived, and all present were able to enjoy a delicious lunch on the patio.

Green cars, park over here.  White cars, back there.

photo by Ron Domkowski

Tempting the weather gods.
photo by Ron Domkowski

Socializing on the lawn.
photo by Ron Domkowski

Jeff Roseberry and Warren Lezama talk things over.
photo by Ron Domkowski

Lunch on the patio.

I'll take some more of those shrimps!

Conversation over lunch.

Raindrops on red paint.

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