Shelter In Place Car Show, April 5, 2020

On April 2, every member of our club received this email message:

Are you tired of being confined in your home without an ankle monitor? Is that what’s bothering you, Bunky?  Well, get up from your chair, lift your head up high and take a drive in your 356!

Announcing the
Midwest 356 Club
Shelter-In-Place Digital 2D Car Show
When: Sunday, April 5th
Where: Your Family Room or Garage
Time: Whenever It Suits You
Cost: The Price of Fame
Entry Deadline: Friday, April 3rd

You are invited to enter the Midwest 356 Club’s Shelter in Place Digital 2D Car Show by emailing a photograph of your 356.  Whether it is a photo of your 356 in a scenic location or if your 356 is in pieces on the floor of your garage, send a photo.  Also include your name and a brief description of your car.

An album containing photos of the cars will be compiled and emailed to you.

You can think of this as a cruise night without the loud music.

Bring your lawn chair and a cooler filled with your favorite cold drinks, preferably Heineken or Becks.

Trophies will not be awarded.  We don’t care how clean and original your 356 is.

Send your photos to: no later than Friday afternoon, April 3rd.  Yes, we know it’s only four days away. What else are you doing?

We hope this makes your shelter in place tenure a little more fun.

Please stay healthy.  If you need help with driving to shopping, medical appointments, etc., let us know.

Best regards,

Ed Leed and Leo Dreisilker

Event Coordinators

By the time we received this message, Illinois had been living under the governor's stay-at-home order for two weeks, at just the time of year when we normally take our cars out of winter storage and begin the driving season.  So the response to Ed's and Leo's email was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.  27 photos were submitted by the announced deadline, and after Ed compiled and sent out the initial album another 23 followed, prompting the publication of an "Encore Edition" of the album, which you can view by clicking here.