Annual Picnic, July 30, 2022

For many years, an annual fall picnic was hosted for our club by Bill and Jane Van Nortwick at their home in Geneva, Illinois.  In 2022, as Bill's health declined, Pat and Bonnie Yanahan offered to assume the hosting duty for this year's picnic.  Bill passed away on July 4, and the club picnic, scheduled months in advance, fell on the day after his funeral.  That is why Pat's account of the event, which follows below, refers to it as the Van Nortwick Annual Picnic.

The Van Nortwick Annual Picnic was held at the Yanahan home on July 30th.  It was both an attendance and weather success.  The final head count was seventy-four with twenty-three 356s and several 911s and Cayennes.  Some very special 356s included a totally original 1958 Speedster that has never been touched.  This was spectacular participation by members that we have not seen in several years.  This was a family effort with Bonnie Yanahan and Michelle Yanahan Lowe personally preparing both decorating and food preparation.  Bonnie Y’s niece (also named Bonnie) baked all of the cookies and desserts.  And young Scarlett Lowe was the hostess and registrar for attendees checking in.  Son-in-law Jeff Lowe supplied his 20 x 30 foot tent so shaded eating area was big enough for all.  Former member Gordy Smith flew in from Atlanta and was our traffic/parking director.

Some very interesting early Porsches competed in a strictly for-fun show with donated prizes.  Four of our guests were lady doctors and they picked Todd Rieke’s Aetna Blue 356 open car.  Granddaughter Scarlett picked the black Speedster of Rod Gustafson.

Porsche Panorama, to coin a phrase.

Festliches essen und luftballons in deutschen farben.

Scarlett awards Rod.

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