New Glarus Drive, September 2012

Nine years we've been doing a Fall drive on Wisconsin county roads, and it's still as delightful as ever.   This year eleven drivers and seven passengers made for our traditional destination, lunch at the New Glarus Hotel. The weather was perfect, and the cars ran flawlessly.

One lesson learned by a third of the participants was that driving to Beloit the day before and staying in a motel definitely beats leaving home before dawn.  Why did we not think of this years ago?

Once again, the club owes a big thank-you to Eric Smith for making our premier driving event a reality.

Drivers' meeting before setting off.  Eric reads the rules with signing assistance from Tom.

photo by Wally Wright

Under way.
photo by Wally Wright

Mid-morning rest stop in Mt. Horeb.
photo by Wally Wright

Onward and upward.
photo by Wally Wright

A pause to count noses and snap a photo.
photo by Eric Smith

photo by Wally Wright

Lunch at the New Glarus Hotel.
photo by Wally Wright

Pat and Bonnie avail themselves of an opportunity for a quick trip to the Alps.
photo by Jim HInde

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