Our Club trip to Zuffenhausen and Gmünd, May 2007
by Pat and Bonita Yanahan

The highlight of our 2007 year was the Midwest 356 Club to Germany and Austria in May which my wife Bonita and I organized and conducted as the tour guides.  Although we were all in the same club many of the participants did not know each other before the trip since this was a group made up of racers, rallye and concours enthusiasts.  We all had a great time, made some wonderful new friendships and had some great experiences getting to know everyone.  The only rule of the trip was that you had to have dinner with a different group every night which forced conversation and the development of new friendships.  The accommodations were great and the restaurants and food were all first class.  The tours of Büdingen, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Gmünd, Berchtesgaden, Munich and Bayreuth allowed us to immerse ourselves into the history of Germany and Austria and gave us a greater appreciation of the culture and age of these countries.  We traveled to places not regularly seen since my personal friends in Germany and at the factory helped make this both special and affordable.

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