Name:  Pat Yanahan

My car:

1964 C Coupe.

Tip-off that a 356 was the car for me:

10 years ago Dan Gallagher let me drive his Convertible D back from Road America.

My age when I acquired my first 356:

55 and that one did very well at the Porsche Parade.

Engine type:

1600 356C.

Miles driven per year:

About 2,000.

Favorite destination:

Wisconsin back roads.

Fantasy road trip:

Drive to the Holiday in Pennsylvania.

Most inconvenient mechanical failure:

Starter solenoid cable fell off terminal.

Car I'd have if I couldn't have a 356:

Quoting Ferry Porsche when asked which his favorite Porsche was: "The next one."

What I like most about my car:

Meeting the nice people who also own a 356.

Most unique feature:

It now has leather seats again, just like when it was built in 1964.

Most recent repair:

New front brake calipers and brake lines.  I did it myself and it doesn't even leak.

Longest drive so far:

About 300 miles to Chuck Shank's open house.

Next project with this car:

Continue to restore it back to original.  The first restoration about 14 years ago did good body work but not the details.