Name:  Jeffery Sydel

My car:

Silver 356B/1600 S Reutter 1961 coupe.

Tip-off that a 356 was the car for me:

Tried to purchase a new Porsche in 1963 from local Porsche dealer at the age of 16.  Being under age it was not legal.

My age when I acquired my first 356:


Engine type:

1600 S.

Miles driven per year:


Favorite destination:

Elkhart Lake, Wis.

Fantasy road trip:

The mountain roads of Switzerland.

Most inconvenient mechanical failure:

Engine caught on fire during road trip to Wisconsin.

Car I'd have if I couldn't have a 356:

1970 911 coupe.

What I like most about my car:

Way it handles.

Most unique feature:

Abarth exhaust.

Most recent repair:

New battery.

Longest drive so far:

Drove to Detroit.

Next project with this car:

Luggage rack.