Name:  Mike Southard

My car:

1964 356C Sunroof Coupe.

Tip-off that a 356 was the car for me:

While in college my buddy had a 356 coupe and I had a TR4.  He continually outhandled me.  I knew one day I would have one.  Just didn't know how long it would be until that day.

My age when I acquired my first 356:


Engine type:

Twin plug 2002cc with original case.

Miles driven per year:

2000 to 3000.

Favorite destination:


Fantasy road trip:


Most inconvenient mechanical failure:

Haven't had one yet.

Car I'd have if I couldn't have a 356:

1961 Corvette.  My first sports car.

What I like most about my car:

Its all-around uniqueness.  You just don't see that many in the Midwest.

Most unique feature:

Twin plug engine.

Most recent repair:

Just completed restoration 4 weeks ago.

Longest drive so far:

Wheaton to Dekalb and back.

Next project with this car:

Hopefully none for a while.  I just want to enjoy the finished product and participate in some club events.