Name:  Gordy Smith

My car:

1964 SC Coupe

Tip-off that a 356 was the car for me:

Engineering features that were standard for Porsche and ahead of other contemporary makes, and just fun to drive

My age when I acquired my first 356:


Engine type:

Rebuilt SC motor with big bore kit and higher performance cam

Miles driven per year:

Approx 4,500

Favorite destination:

N.W. Illinois / S.W. Wisconsin rural roads and Road America

Fantasy road trip:

Driving to Napa Valley Calif. on the "back roads"

Most inconvenient mechanical failure:

Last summer when returning from the ECH the rear bushing in transmission linkage failed after 43 years

Car I'd have if I couldn't have a 356:

Early 911

What I like most about my car:

Fun to drive, and I'm able to do just about all mechanical work to keep it in top condition

Most unique feature:

Color, there aren't many Irish Green 356's

Most recent repair:

Replacing windshield wiper rubber around posts through cowl

Longest drive so far:

95 WCH in Colorado, I drove 2800 mi on that trip

Next project with this car:

LED Brake Light / Turn Signal lamps to fit under the rear grills.