Name:  Kris & Joe Fedoruk

My car:

1964 356 SC Signal Red Cabriolet.

Tip-off that a 356 was the car for me:

I was basically born in one :)

My age when I acquired my first 356:

56, I inherited my car “FUNK” from my Dad.

Engine type:


Miles driven per year:

Not enough!

Favorite destination:

Door County.

Fantasy road trip:

A drive with 356 of Southern California :)

Most inconvenient mechanical failure:

Car dying at ramp to get on 294N from Willow Rd. State Trooper came and jump started her...  Cars zooming by almost hitting us.

Car I'd have if I couldn't have a 356:

Black 930 Turbo.

What I like most about my car:

That is was my Dad’s & that it’s a convertible!

Most unique feature:

Original numbers...!

Most recent repair:

Rebuilt the starter 11/21.

Longest drive so far:

Not long enough.

Next project with this car:

Not sure yet.